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Confession babe........ I do text another girl..... my mom..... I'm sorry love, take me back?

Wow… That hits me hard. I guess I’ll take you back just this one time since you’re being honest..

Seg go study, don't listen to this person they're ridiculous. But champ who ever you are pls go away, thx bud.

The wise emma has spoken.

i wouldnt have known you were gay untill u started answering questions. are you not proud thats why you dont promote it?

Well here’s the thing. My blog is my blog I post things I like pictures and quotes and stuff. You wouldn’t have known I was gay because well you didn’t really pay attention to details then. Me being gay yes influences some pictures. I’m more than proud of who I am because I’ve come to accept it a lot better than I ever thought I would. I know I’m gay, and really I don’t need to promote it. I don’t see why I should have to lable my blog as a “Lesbian” blog to be gay. Like I love gay blogs but its just my personal choice to not have it in my header…. Though when you go through it you can clearly see my sexual orientation. So me not saying I’m gay in my header doesn’t make me any less gay than the next girl.

no where on your blog does it say youre gay

Ya and?

babe, you're the only girl I text like I do, you're the only girl that makes me so happy everyday. You're the only girl I see myself with. So fuck that person, I don't text anyone. I text you because you're my girl.

This is my girl, she has a heart of gold as you guys can see.

she texts me. she cares about me not you she told me its all an act lol leave already so she can be happy with me

Are you on crack? Lmao. Lol I’m not going anywhere, don’t text my girlfriend. Fuck right off into a hole and stay there. She’s mine. Mine.

she cheats on you

Ya. I know today she mucked that ice cream. Lmfao get the fuck out of here, she’s more loyal than a puppy. I also don’t like how you’re making it seem like my girlfriend is a horrible person and wants to hurt me. And really what are you even benifiting from trying to ruin someone elses happiness?

sad thing about all this is she doesnt care about you

Lemme tell you how this is going to work. You don’t know her, you don’t know me so take a moment and realize your “empathy” for me is not needed and your opnion is not needed. She cares about me I know she does I don’t need you negativety byyyyyyye


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